Miscellanea over the Platinum Jubilee

Could not resist this poster.


Hard to do all the time but hopefully the Shed will provide a framework for  supporting some of these.

Work continued on Friday of the Platinum Jubilee . . .

Two of the new (Howden) worktops were fixed in place on the long back wall of the cabin, thanks to Kevin propping up his dad. . There are some temporary posts holding up the fronts once we have the kitchen bases which will be put on wheels (not plastic legs) so that they can be wheeled under this worktop. There will be 4 drawer units for storage and for greater worktop stability at intervals along the worktop.

The backboards stored in Graham’ garage can now be transported to the Shed to sit on the worktops against the wall. That will open up having tools to hand, in sight and very visible. “Where’s the tape measure?”

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Gary was there to finish painting the front of the cabin with the black textured masonry paint. We will soon be adding Toby’s striking “beam of light” in amber emanating from the entry door and Scotty Dave should be able to create the lettering.

This coming week the replacement LED interior lights should be working thanks to Railway Dave and we look to soon collect the equipment from Preston Park Museum.

Maybe our motto should be “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Friday night is work night from this Friday.

Particularly for Shedders who are in work or those who want another dose.

As things get going there may be weekend days particularly for tackling projects like installing a mobility ramp. The Shed is something that takes shape bottom up according to need.

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