Let’s change the mood music! (with added Magic)

We focused in the previous blog on the demolition side of the Shed  as we brought the ceiling down. We are on the up cycle in this blog as a new week started,

Paul and Pat were there. Pat focused on some demolition at first (removing the kitchen ceiling whilst swinging on a ladder) and then turned her hand to sweeping the floor.  Paul and Graham managed the amazing feat of assembling one drawer for a kitchen unit.

Here is a photo of the French cleat storage wall at Staithes Shed. Impressive.

We’ll do something similar at Norton on the back boards above the workbench.

On Friday there were two Shed sessions, one in the morning and another in the evening. It was a transformational day! In the morning “we came into the light” as the replacement LED batons were connected. Paul & Pat worked on the cabinet drawer units. Graham stripped paint off the outside of the entry door and masked off the diagonal stripe in readiness for painting in the evening.

Railway Dave points to one of the LED lights.

Drawers being assembled by Pat & Paul



Friday night saw very significant progress with 6 Shedders on board.

Scotty Dave added our logo the end of the Portakabin. Paul & Pat continued with assembly of the drawer units helped later by Scotty Dave. Joe, Martin and Graham worked on the beam of light feature on the front of the Shed.

All shaping up nicely.

Realizing Toby’s vision of a beam of light from a dark place.

Shed logo in place thanks to Scotty Dave

Some more white to be added and soon the large Norton Men’s Shed lettering will be added to the right of the door.

Now for the Magic!

 We were pleased to learn that NORMENS has been awarded £500 in the Magic Little Grants (Lottery) programme. Recently we received £1000 from the Arnold Clark trust and £250 from the Mayor of Stockton’s “purse”. On top of the £5000 from Awards for All.

There is one other fund we have appreciated receiving from and that is the “Fund of Good Will” that has helped the Shed to get established. The base of encouraging support is quite broad, encompassing individuals (including the Shedders), other voluntary groups in the Norton area, businesses, agencies  and funders too.

Norton Men’s Shed thanks them all for the fund of encouragement.

Together, we all can achieve a lot for people in our community. Little things mean a lot.

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