Turning the Year

We might not have a Shed in Norton up and working but already there is interest from several prospective Shedders. On New Year’s Eve 4 guys are meeting over coffee at Costa’s to “mull and explore”.

We should know more in a couple of weeks about the proposed venue and we hope we can move forward.  Where there’s will  there’s a way and you can follow on this web-site  Norton Shed’s exploits.

We are making virtual foundations! 3D printing is evolving and version 2 of the logo has been printed. It is designed from scratch which has been a software learning curve that others may want to join in. The software is free for personal use.

62% complete, The grid supports the covering face

Completed. The Shed name is detachable (by accident!)










Here’s a further simplified version, yet to be printed.

The size of a grape. Printed image.

Like the duck? On screen image.


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