Next Day . . . . Branded T-Shirt & Cup

The Costa Coffee meeting blossomed the next day.

Dave Tonner revealed his recently found hobby of vinyl cutting to embellish items of clothing and crockery. He asked for an electronic copy of the logo design which was forwarded on the internet.

That was the last day of 2021 and, lo, on the first day of 2022 Dave had created vinyl transfers for a T-Shirt and a china mug.

Impressive.  Take a look.

White on black image

Close up.

















A mug shot

How did he do that?

This is a short video showing the machine in use. Just like the 3D printing, the bulk of the work is in the design phase, using software that is free for personal use.

We still want a Shed with a lathe, table saw , stand drill, band saw and much more. If technology doesn’t float your boat, there will be a lot of other things to do!

Colin is an 80 year old living for the past 2 years in a Whitby care home. Colin is of very sound mind but weak in body, confined to a wheelchair.

Happy New Year and a Better New Year,  Graham and Joan.
Wishing you well with the Norton Project!  I fully endorse what you are hoping to achieve more than ever with the restrictions that are part of our lives.
Community involvement and interaction is more important than ever. We cannot allow the lost souls that have nothing or nobody in their lives become “Voices in the Wilderness “
Colin E, Larpool Whitby

An article about Colin’s experience of Covid-19, lockdowns and the way he could so easily have been a voice in the wilderness himself has been sent to Whitby Gazette.  Colin is a great supporter of Sheds and he will be at the opening of Norton Men’s Shed in due course.

Despair to Hope Opinion





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