When is a shed not a Shed?

. . . . When there’s no one there.

Starting a Men’s Shed (inclusive of women too) is rarely a straightforward process.  What is needed tends not to be delivered on a plate:-]

  • A venue
  • Starter equipment and materials
  • A teapot
  • Some funding to kick things off
  • Some people who on a scale of 1 – 10 have a need to come in from the cold (i.e. at some kind of a loss)

In an ideal world, it seems sensible to have a place (a shed) just ahead of recruiting Shedders to the cause. The number 1 difficulty for Sheds starting is having a venue. Sheds have equipment, some of which cannot just be carried in each week. Some “clever” stuff can be done in the way of tidy storage (like in the BayThorpe Shed in Robin Hood’s Bay) but generally it is what ir is – a workshop.

So starting Sheds is about as messy as sheds:-)

This is one of many brilliant cartoons by Gerry, a Shedder in Adelaide. Look at http://menshedsaga.blogspot.com/

BUT the Shed is really the people, not the building and Norton Shed on that basis has started. We met a second time at Costa Coffee last Saturday.

In January in Norton, UK we need walls and a roof. St. Michael’s (the old shed) was planned for that but unfortunately asbestos has been uncovered by a survey and that needs to be managed first. It has put a delay in the planned programme.

Every government needs a Plan B. The same applies to Sheds! We had also had contact with Norton Sports complex last November and visited. The idea was that it could be a “Shed Annex” (a kind of satellite) where work could also take place – a kind of country retreat.

So Plan B is to be enacted following a second visit and discussions with the Sports complex. We start the Shed Annex first, beginning possibly w/c 17th January 2022 on a day to be determined amongst the current (day-time available) recruits.

There are three mis-fits who are still of working age and for them some evening activities will be held elsewhere.

Necessity is the mother of invention and overcoming problems is what Sheds like to do, as well as causing them. Hmmm.

Jobs chosen from a long list  (basically, those that can be done indoors!!)

A smokers’ shelter.  There is one (see below) and the challenge is to make an identical other using materials already purchased.

This is an impressive  blank wall against which the shelter will go.

This is the end view of the shelter







Front elevation. Now get on and make it!

Decorating a room with a view that we can use as a place to gather, work and drink tea (or coffee). Biscuits provided. Painting and fixing some items.

External benches. Many in store. Will involve rubbing down and painting and replacement of some slats, indoors.

At lunchtime we might get some gruel.

 There is progress on the set-up of the Shed as an unregistered charity.

There are three trustees to take this step (others welcome) which will involve their trusteeship for 12 months. They will take interest in the Norton Shed but two will not be able to attend the Shed largely because they are active in other community work. They will contribute with some sound oversight and an iron fist!! Other trustee offers welcome.

It is good to be taking tangible steps that we can even photograph.

There are details to sort out, but hopefully we can engage hammer with thumb very soon.

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