Send Me a Postcard and a Mug / PLUS a Blind Wood Turner

A postcard for Sheds makes a useful  personal handout.


Remember Playschool on children’s TV many years ago. This DRAFT postcard has the ring of Playschool about it. Why not, it should be FUN.

Below is the other side of the coin   errrr  postcard

The back tells the why story of the Shed.


BBC News – Blind woodturner: I don’t want my eyesight back

Chris Fisher

This is hard to believe. In BBC news stream today but Graham saw him working at a UK Men’s Shed annual event (Shedfest).

Standing a metre in front of the lathe that Chris Fisher was turning on behind, it was not obvious at all that the woodturner was blind. Just like this photograph.

A lovely man with a very moving story and not a sign of self pity.

Blindness actually gave him something.

Click on the link below to watch a news video

Shedder DaveT has  shed a light (there’s a joke in there) on mugs. He has continued his manufacturing with a pile of mugs.

These are destined not for Shedders yet, but as a promotional thank you to the GP Link Worker team.

Words say, “A shed is not a Shed when there’s no one there.”


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