First Day Opening of Norton Shed

Ready, Steady, Go.

Normens will come to life with a handful of pioneer Shedders on Friday 21st. January. That’s tomorrow.

One of the first jobs is to help both ourselves and Norton Sports Charity by decorating parts of the Cricket Pavilion.  It is ideal as a first day task to get on with and to really get to know each other by working together.

Decorating requires preparation of different kinds. So, Thursday saw us visit B&Q to get white matt emulsion paint, black gloss paint, rollers and brushes.

Despite the sign behind Gary, we did not get 20% off.  That discount was for kitchens!

At the Pavilion Dave Geldart the estate manager (or similar title! ) showed us the plastic bottle Red Poppies made for Remembrance Day last November. He was in lockdown and not able to work so he turned his hand to cutting material for 5000 poppies.

Local schools, youth activities, community groups all shared in painting the poppies.

TODAY – to be pictured for presentation at the end of the day!

At the end of the day, here are some photos. Two Shedders could not be there, one because of Covid and other because of a hospital appointment. However, all went really well. Dave Geldert of the Sports Club gave a pep talk on H&S and their rules over a cuppa. Then we got stuck in until there were 4 visitors. Read on:-

Today’s Shed team with Dave Geldert 4th from left. Photo taken by Shedder Pat

Yes, one of our mugs by DaveT. Plus one from Persimmon.

Keen eyes will see two working Shedders

Gary knows a bit about decorating and led the charge.

Black painted bench as requested by cricketers (in mourning?). Hoovered floor too!

DaveT still on his knees. The Shed was full of Daves today.

Black painted table. All first coats of paint. Henry os on the left

The before and after (of one coat). It’s a black and white colour scheme. Cricket club choice.













Claire and two Link Worker colleagues, plus Director David of Norton Sports Charity. Checking we’re working.

Given that most of the Shedders had only come  this year and this was a first day, it was superb.

Our visitors capped it all.  Next week we will get down to some woodwork, and two of the Shedders will do an evening next week too.

Thank you Norton Sports for helping Norton Shed to take a first big step.

Already looking ahead in community

The point has been made that Sheds are not just focused inwards on those who come. Sheds are like people, they are not made to be in isolation. They like to join up with others in the community usually in informal ways. Why informal? Because Sheds are usually very flat structures.  They run (like our police!) by consent and by the building of trust. That trust enables different Shedders to take a lead in different aspects at different times. Putting in their unique contributions. Shedders are builders and simultaneously the bricks!

Looking ahead (and looking at community beyond the walls of the Shed), one of the relatively new members at Staithes Area Sheds is a professional walking stick maker. At the Shed, he makes no sticks. He wants variety and “comradeship”. Like other Shedders, to belong to something that is really about relationships and community. Other projects (non-Shed) have such an ethos too – doing through rather than doing too. Rediscovering a sense of renewed purpose.

Anyway, this is a longwinded way of saying that we are planning a stick making day in the Spring for the Norton Shedders but also open to others.  We’d like to have a young persons day too that involves cutting suitable sticks.   It will likely be at Norton Sports Charity complex (working with them on arrangements).  We’ll be doing the same thing in Whitby district too through the Sheds.

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