This, That and The Other

Also known as miscellanea.

Here’s some random stuff that are only connected by The Shed.


These are being printed by VistaPrint in Holland and may be with us by next weekend. Is this true? Well here’s the proof.

Ordered 500. Also useful to level up tables!

Note the email address.









These will be distributed to appropriate organisations to be used as introductory material. There are no details on the card of when and where we meet because that will be advised when there is a contact. We don’t know yet since the days, evenings and times we meet are still fluid.

The Governance

Do look at the Governance page on this web-site where you will find the constitution we will follow. It is based on the small charities model that the Charity Commission offer to unregistered charities which we will be (at least for some time). It is one used in Whitby.

This week the four trustees (one Dave Tonner and one me plus my son Kevin (Scouting) and the other Rob who runs the Whitby Town Shed) will meet on Zoom to complete the application for a bank account. That’s needed before we can do much in the way of applying for funds.

Health and Safety guidance

We are ALL responsible for our own safety AND that of others. Think first.

A lot of material will soon be put on our website on a new page. We had a very helpful introduction from the Norton Sports Charity when we met and what we adopt for Norton Shed anywhere will probably be much as Dave Geldert outlined.

DaveT has purchased an accident book (please don’t try to fill it). I have a First Aid manual and soon we will collecting necessary next of kin contact numbers etc. etc.

Hot in just 5 minutes ago from Australia

From Graham’s son and grandson Henry in Victoria. They have a shed building we’d be envious of!

A spoof H&S sign that you should not follow. It is being  burnt on a 3D printer / laser/ CNC machine. Norton Shed will have access to such a machine.

The ends of the earth . . . .

How about the Australian Gold Coast, the Amazon (as in River) and Frome (as in Somerset). Or the furthest parts like Scarborough and Billingham.

Zoom (there are other video conferencing tools!) was introduced in the Whitby Sheds. Before lockdown. In lockdown we used it with shut-in Shedders. Twice weekly “Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table”. The need for shut-ins to connect is still there (there’s one Shedder in a care home who has his full set of marbles).

We have old TVs and cameras at our Sheds (with broadband provided in different ways) so we are ensuring it is available at Shed sessions. It will allow Graham to look in too without wearing grooves in the road to the Whitby Sheds.

The Sports complex we are now using has broadband, so we can join in and let Shedders in Whitby, Billingham, Redcar and Scarborough (Scarborough MATES were on BBC Look North earlier in January because they’d opened up to women :-))

But we can go further and we can on some evenings have conversations with Australia (two places), Brazil (Santarem) and Frome Shed. Join in with distant banter but also ask questions that might influence Norton Shed.

We might be able to see the Labrador Shed working if we get the time right.

You’ve seen mention of the 3D printer etc. above. Grandson Henry (15) is prepared to explain the device to a group of Shedders – us!

We can of course see some online DIY videos. Graham has a computer projector we can use on the wonderful white walls we are to paint. It was bought for £12.50 5 years ago from the charity shop in Norton near the old Co-Op.




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