Second Morning, Wednesday Evening & Third Morning

The day started with a 9.15am delivery of water resistant chipboard to be used in the kitchen and entrance passageway where water had taken its toll over the years. Too much washing up!

Gary and Graham set to on the floor, removing one half and confirming that there is a concrete slab underlying the building (rumour had it there wasn’t!).  There was rotten flooring spreading from where the kitchen sink had been. The floor was removed to a distance of 1.8m from the wall, the width of 3 new flooring boards. There, all timbers and flooring was perfectly dry.

On Wednesday evening we should be able to lay down flooring support beams on the concrete base and screw down new tongue and groove floor boarding.

In a week’s time Howden Joinery are coming to measure up for kitchen units.

Next up on Friday will be to tackle the entrance passage also water damaged.

Thereafter an application will be made to Stockton building control regarding hut refurbishment that majors on internal insulation and relining of the walls and roof.

Talking a lot of rot.

Broom and shovel work.


We’ll be needing workbenches soon for the Shed. Here’s a very novel one made by Staithes Shedder Malcolm. Lightweight, strong, versatile and made from less than 1 sheet of 12.5mm ply.

A grillage. It enables clamps to be placed internally as well as around the edges. It took Graham’s weight.

Sits on adjustable height trestles.










An impromptu interview by Shedder Jim – note extractor hose used as a microphone!!

Wednesday evening we worked on the kitchen floor planning

And we removed a stretch of of entry flooring back to concrete base



Wednesday evening laid the foundation for Friday’s flooring with new chipboard.

Wood joists on waterproof membrane and chipboard topping it

Proving everything is on the level

Next will come some sheet flooring.

It feels very firm even before screwing the boards down


On Tuesday next, plasterboard arrives to line the internal stud walls around kitchen, the enclosed store room and the hall/toilet divider wall.

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