Into the second full week at Norton Men’s Shed at St. Mick’s

Any refurbishment project is an activity of discovery. Especially a building possibly 60 years old.

The last post reveals good progress on repairing parts of the concrete hut. We can get on with that because these do not require regulatory approval. It should, however, be done properly following good practice.

The one area we cannot tackle is the lining and insulating of the  walls and ceilings. It could be a costly mistake! However, there is a lot to do and soon we can start to set up our Shed enclave in the building.

Railway Dave did some good exploring and unearthed what looks like a way forward with water to the kitchen being restored again. in due course.

More progress photos are shown below.

Social Prescriber Link Workers are an important bridge between GP practice and help for patients who need reconnection of some sort. A Shed is one of the groups that can help practically with that.

Recently there was a video conference arranged by the UK Men’s Sheds Association entitled “Demystifying Social Prescribing for Men’s Sheds”. It opened with a presentation by Dr Bryony Porter of University of East Anglia.

File Name: Demystifying-social-prescribing-event138190.pptx

Timber needed to make the wall battens to support the insulated plasterboard. All squirrelled by Graham at home over the past 4 months.

We now have a 3 in 1 set of steps that will be used as we line particularly the ceiling of the hut. Meanwhile it is on loan to Gary and Scotty Dave to do decoration on staircases. It’s a kind of ladder Swiss Army knife!

It can be a normal ladder, a step ladder and used like this on stairs. Note the safety stabilising bar.

Growing the future, 1st Norton Scouts

Early April and this tree planting team of youngsters and parents dug in 200 saplings on their site. It was the AGM too and there was great support for that. Lots of preparation for the afternoon but a good outcome and future forestry legacy.

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