The Gang Show and other things that inspired

Despite what you may think, Men’s Sheds are not the answer to everything.

They answer a need for men & women who aspire to be doers (whether or not they already can!) and to meet with others on a regular basis.  To be distracted from all kinds of inflictions that can easily disturb us, especially as anno domini starts to govern our capabilities

Shedders often have grandchildren and very frequently say that they wish their grandchildren could enjoy getting hands on with tools rather than mobile media. It is being realised now that youngsters need diversity of interest – which sadly few schools have curriculum time to teach.

Shedders are a gang. Which is a way of introducing the Middlesbrough Scouts Gang Show with 66 performers including Scouts of all ages, leaders, parents and some grandparents.

The 2022 Gang Show on now is actually the one scheduled, written, orchestrated, arranged, rehearsed and about to be delivered when the pandemic struck.

It was inspirational last night. Two years ago there was a rehearsed cast of 120. Now understandably it is 66 but they still filled the stage. There was a sub-presentation on the ironstone industry and steelmaking which featured a song specially written for Middlesbrough Scouts many years ago by the renowned Ralph Reader. Some of us remember that name well.

Hopefully there will be some photos to add, but for now here is the blanket badge for this years show


The “old guard” salute the youngsters who performed and gained so much from that experience but we also salute the movement and the groups of Scouts and Guides in Norton.

They are helping to build our future citizens and to teach them respect and the importance of giving. There and others are values that Scouting is helping to reinforce, all done by committed volunteers.

More about the Shed Gang next week. There are two new prospective Shedders. We want to get playing with the equipment a bit which should arrive in two weeks time.  One of the first jobs is to construct access for wheelchair users and those that find steps daunting.

Plus Scotty Dave is working on a T shirt design just for NORMENS. Should be some photos of a mock up shortly.

Here (shortly!) is one of two variations. Shedder Dave does vinyl laser cutting (you can see some of his work in earlier blogs showing a mug (not Graham) with the logo applied and the Home and Away changing room doors at Norton Cricket Club).

Probably black T shirt with white features.

There are some Shedders who see Graham as chaotic. Graham does so too! However, things normally work out . . .

Graham and Joan moved into a new home in Norton on a new plot. Just bare clay and weeds! That was in mid July 2021. Knowing the garden would need to be sorted before winter, Graham whiled away his time planning a garden with no grass (ultra low maintenance). He produced a scale drawing of Graham’s & Joan’s future vision.

The green circles are plant pots, there is a circular patio under a triangular pergola with a triangular Aussie sail (here to keep the rain off rather than the sunshine). There is a symbolic dry creek as a further reminder of Oz where Graham & Joan’s other son and family live. There is a corner stepped planter that Graham made from scrap wood before he moved from Whitby and screwed together in Norton.

How did it turn out? It was all in place by November and has been added too this spring. Look see . . . . .

This is the type of  activity Sheds sometimes get up to – in Staithes they are using spare land to set up the infrastructure for a gardening project at Staithes Sports & Social Club for the community (not themselves – too much hard work:-)). If nothing else, Sheds like challenges and problems to solve. There is sooooo much experience in Shedders (basically anyone frankly) that if inspired can produce inspirational outcomes.  And it has the habit of doing Shedders’ wellbeing some good.

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