On the verge

We wanted to finish off the roof of the Smoker’s “bus stop” at the Sports’ Club.

New roofs on houses use “dry verges” to make the left and right verges (edges) of a tiled roof watertight. Was always simply mortared up in the past! Wet verge!

“Let’s do a proper job”, Scotty Dave, Paul and Graham unusually said! So off to Jewson’s and found some  plastic verge pieces.   They slot together and are screwed on. They hide all the imperfections.

Paul did not want his face photographed. Said nothing about his backside though.

Graham covering up a join with his hand.

On the verge of success. Job neatly done.

Graham went to Howden’s and noticed that there was a stack of cardboard shrouded breakfast bar backboards.

2 white, 1 off white, 1 charcoal

Effectively 8′ x 4′ laminated boards. The sign above read “Deal of the Day, £10 each +VAT”

Such offers to Graham are much what frocks, shoes and handbags are to some women. There will be no breakfast bars in the Shed but there will be need to have some smart wallboards to hand hand tools on.   Graham took away 4 as in the photo alongside.

Another very helpful customer at Howden’s took pity on Graham’s attempts to strap the boards onto his car’s roof bars.

“Do you want a hand?”, he asked. Graham thought, not really. However the point about help was also pressed home by an assistant.

The customer was a tradesman well versed in strapping sheets on the roof of his van. My straps were far too loose to hold the doors in place if I braked on the A19!

Builders’ merchants are fun places to banter. Also supermarket checkouts where he likes to create chaos. “Why did I bring him?”, thinks Joan 🙂

What is a Public Library for?

There’s been a Facebook site for some years on which holiday activities often feature. The work of one volunteer. It’s called Cool for Kids. This week a poster appeared about Public Libraries. These are important (IMHO) for youngsters as well as adults and also the housebound who can have a delivery service.

When Graham saw it, churchwarden  Eric sprang to mind because he had worked in the Library Service in Stockton for a long period. Graham sent it to Eric and Eric responded . . . . .

There’s a whole lot of truth, emotion and my past expressed in that poster.
I’ve told you about the lady who was trying to find her father and I pointed her to the Salvation Army; but one that sticks in the mind more was the little Irish lady who came in every day and sat quietly in a corner knitting – she was a bit shy but one day said to me that she hoped she wasn’t a nuisance. I said of course not, she was very welcome.
Then she told me she came in so regularly because it was safe, warm and friendly, and she couldn’t afford to heat her home. After that, our ladies regularly supplied her with cups of tea and treats.
I could weep sometimes at the injustices some people endure, often without complaint. Of course to “authority” this isn’t what libraries are for . . . . . . .

Having safe shared places is vital to the wellbeing of all of us, but particularly as we get older and perhaps live on our own.  It is what Sheds ought to be, given that some Shedders have vulnerabilities, chief being loneliness.

Tomorrow (Wednesday morning) Graham is taking a walk in a park in Billingham

It is a weekly walk that the Social Prescribers arrange for their clients to engage socially in a safe, welcome way.

It is a big step for people to join something they know little about and where there is nobody they know. The Shed likes people who come by referral to attend with their Social Prescriber (or equivalent) and be introduced to the atmosphere

This time there are 3 gents who might be suited to a Shed and Graham is to do things in reverse by spending time with them for a walk in the park at Billingham.

Graham met 4 men in fact

There was a group of about 20 wanderers, men and women. The walk was led by one of the walkers although the programme is coordinated by the Social Prescriber Link Workers. Five of us met around a table to talk Sheds and to share a bit about ourselves. Companionship. and some quite probing questions about Norton Shed.

Café signs with meaning.

Question Time

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