Aussie Sheds

The 600+ UK Men’s Sheds have a history which goes Down Under.  Sheds there have a proven record of mental health benefit that local, state and national governments and health services recognise and invest in.

The first Shed Graham  visited was in Sale, Victoria in early 2015 after stumbling across it with his 8 year old grand son (now 14!) . The photos will do the talking.

Bunnings = B&Q. The Shed does bbq sizzles there for the community.

The building is in two halves. This is the “mess”.


The massive space. This is one corner.

The kit is trade quality. Shorts optional!



Planer thicknesser

Wood lathe


No, I am not envious!









Labrador Shed

Labrador Shed. Dust extraction and air conditioning!

Elevenses au fresco

See the dust extraction pipes

Like an operating theatre?

Stamp of approval

No age bar. There is a bar on drinking!

Two of about 20 chairs made for a nursey

Man in the distance is only 10% sighted

Len nearest the camera

Graham saw several other Sheds at various stages of development and expansion. All were of a very good size indeed and all purpose built.

Men’s Sheds are very familiar to residents of country towns and respected for what they do. The voluntary  organisations in such towns seem to work quite closely to benefit townspeople. Norton’s Community Partnership is working in this direction




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