Link Worker Social Prescribers

Here’s a story from BBC Scotland today (27/2/2022)

The GP workers helping people get their life back

“He helped me through my problems, helped me to get my benefits sorted out, because I really wasn’t aware of anything at that time,” Steve, 75, says.

Life was looking bleak for Steve until a specialist link worker in his GP practice helped him with the social causes behind his poor mental health.


Steve in Aberdeen says the link worker helped him get his life back together

The city of Aberdeen is one of the few places in Scotland that has a link worker in every GP practice. The idea is to connect patients to the right support for problems such as finances, housing and isolation and free up GPs to deal with medical problems.

Dr Alasdair Jamieson, who has been a GP f

or more than 30 years, said mental health problems “were increasing before the pandemic and they’re going to increase further”.

Read more about how coronavirus has affected mental health.

Isn’t it amazing . . . . .
Just as we were going to begin pieces about our different partners – starting with the GP Link Worker Social Prescribers – the above article appeared. Job done!!  (Almost)
Below is a great little leaflet for whiling away time puzzling it out. That is meant in a genuine way. If you do read it, you will have taken something in. It is from our local health authority.  The most important side (for my money) is the reverse of the card which is a simple statement of fact that matches the reverse of the Normens postcard!
Our team of Norton in Stockton Social Prescribers (and those Graham knew in Whitby District) are very welcome on the scene in the past couple of years. Combatting isolation is a team effort and Norton Men’s Shed is in their team just as they are in ours.
NOW, there is space here for a right of reply from the SP team and those who oversee their work inside the GP practices.
Most Sheds in the UK (and in Australia where the movement began) are entirely volunteer run, pretty much as the members choose provided basic H&S and safeguarding principles are followed (duty of care we all have to each other as citizens) and insurance is in place.
A Shed is not a service but most are happy to work in partnership ways (not ownership though:-). Norton Men’s Shed is.

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