Yes, Frequently Asked Questions. Although this features at present “Thoughts That May Be in People’s Heads” (TTMBPH).

TTMBPH really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it!

  1. Is it a serious new venture?
    When it starts it will be fun (fun=rewarding often) but it has very a serious intent to combat loneliness. Isolation impacts ALL of us at one stage of life or another. That (as we ALL know from Covid-19 lockdowns) has some serious consequences for wellbeing. We are made for relationships with  others (rubbing shoulders not noses). A Shed is a place for friendships to be made and for all (in maybe different ways) to enjoy the experience of belonging. It’s a new venture for Norton but there are 600+ in UK. The idea was exported from Australia to UK (and elsewhere) and Norton is benefitting from know-how received from Whitby district.  SERIOUS, NEW and (AD)VENTURE.
  2. Is Norton Men’s Shed open (at the beginning of 2022)?
    It is not open as a place to go to. There are self contained premises proposed for the Shed at St. Michael’s Church off Norton Road, they need considerable refurbishment. That is a real opportunity for the Shed to help with, particularly in reinstating a kitchen and toilets not used for many years. An asbestos survey has been undertaken and the report is anticipated for early 2022.  Plus a safety check on electrical circuits.  The hope is that the Shed can begin to meet and do shortly with a few Shedders (a core team) involved happy to work on reinstatement. A Shed opening is pencilled in for Easter 2022 which is when the Shed can operate in the way it is designed to. So, it is not a project open to all at present but certainly open for enquiries and some meeting up.
  3. A Men’s Shed for men then?
    It is for men and women who appreciate a workshop atmosphere and some good natured banter.  It is not a place to just sit and talk but to do something in the company of others around. Something that is a new activity to them or to share and show something to other Shedders.

    BBC TV’s Repair Shop programme

    There is no restriction on activity provided it does not aggravate others (!!) or become some that cuts people off. The best example of the kind of place a Shed appears to be is the Repair Shop on TV. A mixed economy of activities. The show is about the people, not the place.

    If you look on this web-site you will see some blogs of activities started that do not require a building. Activities in the virtual world:-).  Let your mind wander to envisage what a Shed could be for you!

    So for women as well as men provided the atmosphere of a “mate’s” shed is preserved.

  4. Will there be a limit on numbers? Sheds are about people overcoming, amongst other things, isolation. We have found that groups of up to 12

    Alone in a crowded room

    Shedders meeting at a session have the best atmosphere.

    We aim to run two sessions a week.  Some Shedders come once, others come twice. Some Sheds in Australia are 6 days a week and open from 6am (its the cool of the day on the Gold Coast). We might have an evening session for Shedders in employment.

    Sheds evolve to meet the needs of those who need them.

  5. Why is Norton Shed not being promoted more?
    The answer is in part in what has already been written in the FAQs above. We are having to mark time on the premises at the moment but hopefully we can open up opportunities for people to help with 2 to 3 months of challenge.We are making known what is being planned to organisations and individuals who will likely form a team of referral partners. Introducing people who they believe will benefit from the different facets of Shed life!

    We are, as you can see from the blogs on the home page of this web site, giving the Shed an identity already and we shall be producing a first draft of a Norton Shed information postcard.

  6. HAVE YOU GOT A QUESTION   –  graham_storer@btinternet.com

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