First Evening of Normens

To complement the First Day post of last Friday, here is the first evening report

With some Shedders being in full or partial employment during the daytime, there were two options. They depart the Shed on account of being unavailable or we find another way. That could have been a Saturday Shed or an Evening Shed.

We chose the latter. Where things go in the future is quite unknown.  But for now it is Wednesday evening from 5.30pm until latest 8.30pm.

A sanding block improvised by DaveT from his own head.

Gary cutting in the the edges of the walls ready for using a roller. He has height advantage.

Clothes’ hooks being removed for painting. Really exciting photos these:-)

We carried on the work of decorating the changing rooms at the Cricket Club pavilion which we started on the first day, continued on Tuesday morning and will continue with again on Friday 28th.

The goal is to complete both changing rooms in the next couple of weeks (alongside the beginnings of woodwork) and then clean the changing room carpets!

A real coincidence yesterday morning. Graham rang Iain Hale of Scarborough MATES (they appeared  on TV Look North recently) to report that Norton had kicked off. Amazingly he knows Norton area and used to play cricket at the club (in a previous building) nearly 50 years ago.

Administration – another exciting topic

Bank account will soon be open and we will be getting Norton Shedders to add their names as founding members.  Phil at Staithes Shed is sending over various items to do with H&S he drafted and risk assessment principles too. A topic close to Railway Dave’s heart.

Claire, our contact with the Link Worker Team, is looking at other people who might benefit from the Shed. Our older brother Shed in Billingham also connects with her.

Graham is at Preston Park Museum today (Thursday) to view the equipment offered and to assess how it might be moved and to where. Expect photos to be added here! There will soon be additional equipment from the estate of a Whitby Shedder who died at the end of the year.

Postcards arrived



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